As part of our extensive community health outreach programs for schools, places of worship, community centers and other non-profit organization locations, we offer free health screenings for these groups and organizations in the Atlanta community. Our staff provides the expertise and equipment on-site to conduct health screenings on-site at these locations. In some cases, we also offer these selective services at no cost to local businesses. To learn more about these potential free services please call our office at (678) 547-0000 or email us at or visit the contact us page on our website.

International Medical Clinics (IMC) is committed to improving health literacy and would be happy to partner with your business or organization to provide workshops and literature to promote healthy lifestyle choices in the community. When you partner with IMC, you help empower the community to make healthy lifestyle choices and gain access to valuable information and resources that could prevent illness and even death.

This is especially important for companies or organizations that consist of individuals with low literacy levels or minorities who may not have access to basic health information in their native language. Individuals that cannot obtain or process health care information run a high risk of making poor decisions or failing to take basic precautions.

IMC aims to help improve health literacy by extending our multilingual resources to the community and empowering all patients to become active participants in their own care. Improving health literacy can dramatically reduce health disparities. Health literacy can save lives, money, and the health and the well being of millions of Americans.

We invite you to view this video to learn more about how we are addressing health disparities in our community: YouTube