DiversityWe are fully prepared to care for patients that speak Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Romanian, English and more. IMC offers superior care within the context of each patient’s cultural milieu.

Driving distances:

  • for the Hispanic community within 2 hour drive
  • for Korean community within 4-6 hour drive
  • for american community within 2 hour drive
  • for Chinese community within 2 hour drive
  • for Brazilian community within 2 hour drive
  • for Russian community within 2 hour drive
  • for African and Caribbean community within 2 hour drive

The International Medical Clinics (IMC) staff commitment to diversity has helped us become the leading provider of quality patient care for the traditionally underserved populations in Atlanta. Research has shown us that racial and ethnic minorities tend to receive lower-quality health care, even when insurance status, income, age, and severity of conditions are comparable.  In fact, minorities are less likely than other Americans to get potentially life saving screening tests such as mammograms and Pap smears, flu and pneumonia vaccines, as well as taking their children for check-ups.

Differences in treating heart disease, cancer, and diabetes partly contribute to higher death rates for minorities.  Disparities in the health care delivered to racial and ethnic minorities are real and are associated with worse health outcomes.  This trend is unacceptable to us. We believe that the real challenge for IMC lies not in debating whether disparities exist, but in developing and implementing strategies to reduce and eliminate them.

At IMC we conduct ongoing focus groups to identify the needs and issues of different populations, providing substantive and skills-based healthcare education, and offering affordable medical fees.  Using the highest professional and ethical standards, IMC has improved medical care for all patients and has been recognized as an integral part of the local international community.

Please check out this video on IMC, a greater Atlanta center of healthcare excellence and one stop, affordable medical clinic on YouTube.