Hormones fluctuate throughout the life of every individual; however, if a patient has certain medical conditions or has undergone specific types of surgery, their hormones levels might be further impacted. The best responses are seen in those who can be treated with natural hormones because the body already creates them and knows how to process them.

Natural hormones include:
Estrogen – mainly produced by the ovaries, but also the adrenal glands, and fat tissue; created in three forms:
Estradiol – primary type of estrogen in women of childbearing age; responsible for regulating menstruation and fertility; low levels can have a significant impact on bone growth.
Estriol – weak form of estrogen produced during pregnancy; in high doses can be effective at treating hot flashes and menopause symptoms.
Estrone – only estrogen that is produced by women after menopause; derived from the conversion of androgens.
Progesterone – release by the ovaries; sometimes referred to as progestin and can be used alone or in combination with estrogen to help control menstrual problems and menopause symptoms.
Testosterone – produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands; important for reproductive tissue and bone mass; women only produce between 1%-25% as much as men.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) – produced in the adrenal glands, ovaries, and brain; is the most abundant steroid in the human body and regulates the sex steroids; predominantly responsible for the creation of estrogens and testosterone.

Additionally, synthetic hormones are natural hormones that have been altered in a small way in order for a manufacturer to patent them as a drug. Our compounding pharmacists will work with both the physician and the patient to develop the best combination of hormones to treat their specific condition. Even those that have experienced success with certain hormones in the past may benefit from a more customized approach. Small adjustments to the type, form, and dosage of each hormone prescribed can greatly benefit a patient’s overall response to the treatment.

Hormones can be dosed in the following forms by one of our compounding pharmacists:
Sublingual drops

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