doraville PhysicalsA comprehensive physical is one of the best ways to prevent acute and chronic disease and to protect your health throughout your lifetime. International Medical Clinics (IMC) offers annual physicals for children and adults in the Greater Atlanta area, as well as immigration and disability physicals. To schedule an expert physical, call, or book an appointment online.

Prevention is the best medicine and we believe that routine physical exams can help diagnose and treat health problems before they become a major issue. We also know that many individuals need specific types of physical examinations to meet requirements for schools or government institutions. Our staff is trained in providing the following types of physicals:

  • Immigration Physicals
  • Disability Physicals
  • Pediatric Physicals
  • Adult Physicals

What is a physical? 

A physical is a comprehensive assessment of your health by your primary care provider. If done regularly, a physical can help to establish a lifetime of wellness, nurture trust in your health care provider, and prevent acute and chronic disease. During a physical at IMC, your provider:

  • Updates your health record 
  • Monitors your chronic health problems
  • Assesses you for symptoms of acute illness
  • Identifies your increased health risks
  • Updates your immunizations 
  • Evaluates your current medication list
  • Updates your plan of care

If your employer, insurance company, school system, sports league, or the government requires a physical, your provider adapts your exam to meet their specifications and completes whatever forms that they may require. 

What are some kinds of physicals?

 IMC offers a variety of physicals, including:

  • Adult physicals
  • Infant and child physicals
  • Immigration physicals 
  • School physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • Insurance physicals
  • Work physicals 
  • Disability benefits physical 

Whatever the reason for your physical, your IMC provider takes time to complete an expert assessment and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

What happens during a physical?

During your physical at IMC, the team collects valuable information regarding your health by: 

  • Assessing each of your body systems
  • Recording your weight and height
  • Taking your vital signs
  • Collecting blood for routine laboratory testing
  • Collecting urine for urinalysis 
  • Asking questions about current health habits
  • Answering any questions or concerns you may have
  • Making changes to your medications and treatment plan

Depending on their findings, your IMC provider may order follow-up testing, including cancer screenings, specialized bloodwork, or an EKG. 

How does my provider assess each body system? 

During a physical exam, your provider gets a complete picture of your wellness by assessing each primary body system. 

Your complete system assessment includes:

  • Listening to your heart, lung, and digestive sounds
  • Feeling the abdomen and skin
  • Testing your reflexes, coordination, and balance
  • Testing your vision and hearing
  • Checking your skin for infection or wounds
  • Looking inside your nose, mouth, and ears
  • Monitoring blood flow in your extremities 
  • Checking for any signs of poor circulation
  • Evaluating your coordination and muscle movement
  • Assessing your mental and emotional health 

Physicals are tailored for your age, gender, and health history. In addition to a regular assessment, men also receive a prostate check and prostate-related blood work. 

Physicals for children include vaccines, developmental assessments, and age-specific assessments. For women, your physician may include a breast and pelvic exam. 

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (770) 420-8233.